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Applying PR strategies to your life is easy.

(You actually already have PR skills. Yes, you do!)

Public relations is more than press releases.

Every time you communicate, you’re using PR strategies.

But you’re unaware you’re doing it.

And you might not be getting the results you want.

When you discover how to effectively apply PR strategies to everyday life—from your business to your workplace to your family to yourself—everything gets better.

For more than 30 years, Marjie has been applying public relations strategies to her parenting, life, and career as a/an:

Discover how PR strategies can change your life—by the only person who’s talking about it.

"Marjie is a master storyteller."

Dori DeCarlo, Host, Word of Mom Media

Desiree Stanley
Desiree Stanley
Host, Pockets of Knowledge
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"If you're seeking a fresh take on parenting or practical advice from someone who expertly applies professional strategies to home life, the episode featuring Marjie Hadad is a must-listen. Her performance as a podcast guest was nothing short of brilliant, making complex topics engaging and relatable and redefining the very idea of integrating work insights into personal development and parenting in the most enriching way possible."
Yehuda Swizer
Yehuda Swizer
CEO Item Media and Strategic Communications Lecture Series Host, Haifa University.
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"Marjie delivered an inspiring, entertaining, and highly informational guest lecture that captivated the audience."
Emma Stephens
Emma Stephens
TEDx Speaker, Musician and Youth Empowerment coach and Host, Reconnect with your Teenager
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"I had the pleasure of interviewing Marjie and was blown away with her approach to how she uses her background in PR and journalism to help parents reconnect with their teen children thus helping them become centered, happy, healthy humans. Marjie's successful history in PR has clearly paid off, as parents all over the world are benefiting with her unique approach to raising the next generation. After all: today's teenagers are built differently - therefore: we need to mentor, guide and coach them differently!"
David Meltzer
David Meltzer
Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, best-selling author, and top business coach.
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"Marjie's expertise makes her perfect for anyone who wants to take their parenting skills to the next level. The approaches that she shares in The Power of PR Parenting are a game-changer and will help anyone to create a deeper connection with their kids."
Kristy Crippen
Kristy Crippen
Speaker Committee Chair, Virtual Networkers Wednesday Chapter
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“I recently had the pleasure of hearing Marjie Hadad speak to my virtual networking chapter. She was so engaging throughout her presentation and brought so much great energy, information and insight into what she shared with our group. She expertly wove relevant stories into her presentation and painted such an amazing visual of her wisdom through her use of key examples that directly related back to her topic. Her use of stories and examples made it so easy to really hone in on what she taught to our group, as well as being able to remember what we’d learned long after. I highly recommend inviting Marjie to speak at your next event as a featured speaker, panelist, workshop leader, moderator or MC, as well as to have her on your podcast, YouTube channel or whatever platform you use to share your wisdom with the world. Marjie is incredibly relatable, fascinating and so much fun to listen to!”

Jill Celeste
Jill Celeste
MA, founder of Virtual Networkers
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“Marjie Hadad is a remarkable speaker who combines her expertise in global public relations with practical insights into parenting and business. Her presentations are not only informative but also engaging—full of actionable tips and lively interactions that keep the audience captivated from start to finish. Marjie's ability to weave PR techniques into everyday life and entrepreneurial ventures is both inspiring and practical. I highly recommend her and always look forward to her insightful and dynamic presentations.”
Railey Molinario
Railey Molinario
Love Educator & Relationship Coach
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“Marjie Hadad brought her expertise to our virtual women empowerment events, captivating our audience with her insights on applying public relations strategies to parenting and life. Her practical advice and engaging storytelling left a lasting impact, inspiring attendees to navigate challenges with confidence. Marjie's speaking was a highlight of our events, and her book, The Power of PR Parenting, continues to empower parents worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this dynamic speaker!”

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3 Ways to use YOUR PR Superpowers to Thrive in Business & Life

Best for: Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Parents

We all face challenges. Where we differ is how we handle them.

In this topic, we’ll address three key public relations strategies that will help you to thrive—even more—in business and life.

You’ll discover a new way to:

1) Look at time
2) Increase the confidence and resilience of those around you
3) Take better care of yourself

This topic can be delivered as a featured presentation, panel or workshop.
loving mother comforting crying son on couch

Embracing Diversity: Equipping & Empowering the Next Generation for Success

Best for: Educators and Parents

During the course of their academic and professional lives, our children will learn and work with fellow students and colleagues from different cultures.

Assuming peaceful, it’s crucial they learn how to respect and even appreciate these differences from the start.

Public relations practices can be adopted at home to inspire our children to embrace diversity with grace and love.

A more peaceful and respectful future depends on it.

We’ll address ways to:

1) Educate and expose our children to different cultures and traditions

2) Role model for our children

This topic can be delivered as a featured presentation, panel or workshop.


Crisis Management: Preparing for the Expected and the Unexpected

Best for: Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Parents

We all face crises, big and small. Some are expected while others are not. In all cases, we have a choice—freak out or deal with it.

In this presentation, we’ll discover:

1) The PR strategies to adopt, no matter the type of crisis

2) How to keep cool during a crisis

3) How to manage a crisis

This topic can be delivered as a featured presentation, panel or workshop.


All engagements include

Pre-engagement call to explore your needs

Touch-base call

20-90 minute live session

Unlimited number of seats

Additional deliverables as requested

Options: Presentation, panel, workshop, or moderator

For Parents & Grandparents


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The Power of PR Parenting offers a fresh approach to parenthood based on the experience and perspectives of Marjie Hadad, a global public relations expert who used her professional skills to raise her now three grown children. 

A master storyteller, Marjie uses humor & straight-talk to share her personal & professional journeys to illustrate how to mirror her wins and avoid the same hiccups.

This #1 Best-Seller is empowering parents and mentors across the globe to make parenting easier – and fun – even with a million balls in the air.

PR Parenting is featured on

Hi, I'm Marjie

Author & Public Relations Expert

For over 30 years I’ve been an international public relations expert, the co-founder & general manager of Must Have Communication & Consulting, a #1-best-selling author, an award-winning TV producer, as well as a Success Coach and a speaker on how to apply public relations strategies to parenting, life and careers. The Power of PR Parenting is my first breakthrough best-seller. Want to find out more? 

Watch this child happily part with her pacifiers.

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