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Marjie Hadad

Marjie is the founder PR For Life and the founder of Must Have Communications, a full-service, public relations firm with a specialty in medical PR. She is a master storyteller, who has helped shape the public narrative for 30 years. Having globally represented various professionals, entities and companies, she understands the art of relating and connecting.

A dedicated mother of three and the author of The Power of PR Parenting, Hadad shares her expertise in public talks, panels and workshops fusing her professional expertise with her practical approach to solving modern day problems. Marjie outlines the tools, for example, that enabled her to successfully crisis manage for international organizations all the while illuminating how the same practices can be applied in everyday living to clarify communication, bolster purpose, and overall enhance performance.

The former director of international media at Ruder Finn Israel, she honed her skills as a researcher and speech writer for the Policy Planning Department at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel and as spokesperson for Israel’s Consulate General to New England during the Oslo Accords. She also served as the Director of the Promotions Department at Ford Model Management in Boston after beginning her career as a TV news anchor/reporter in Ohio. During her tenure with WSBK-TV in Boston thereafter, she was the associate producer on the special projects team that earned a New England Emmy Award.

Marjie holds a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and an M.A. in International Relations from Boston University.

“You can get through anything if you focus and keep your sense of humor.” Marjie Hadad

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To be a human is to constantly negotiate priorities, considerations, and values. To be a parent is to lead by example and guide children towards self-love, confidence, resilience and success. Marjie Hadad is both an acclaimed PR professional as well as a devoted mother of three grown children. With her understanding of communication and getting to “yes” in the midst of competing needs and objectives, Marjie offers unique strategies for parenting that draw on her vast experience managing public relations for figures and organizations world over. From handling parental curveballs with aplomb to leveraging “contracts” to transmute a difficult circumstance, her direct, relatable talks, highlight pragmatic strategies that connect the parental dots to seamless narratives where the whole family wins.

A world where the only constant is change requires techniques for adapting in the everyday.  In PR for Life,  international PR strategist Marjie Hadad offers a keen system for transforming life’s everyday tumult into opportunities via applied tactics from the world of public relations. Illuminating practices that apply whether guiding children or approaching personal and professional challenges, Hadad’s conversational, entertaining talk recounts stories employing time-tested PR techniques—in interpersonal settings—to better navigate life’s thorny moments as she did as a working mom and accomplished professional.


PR for Life extrapolates key strategies for adapting under pressure to meet each situation most capaciously be it through time management, deadlines, reality testing or beyond.  Merging a step-by-step guide with a compelling, relatable narrative, PR for Life provides a sustainable template for making everyday life that much easier.  

For students as much as professionals considering a new career in PR, this talk offers a crash course in PR and the myriad of ways one can pursue a career in it.  A celebrated international PR advisor, Marjie Hadad shares time-tested approaches to practically build a career in PR as well as how to stay relevant within the field as it evolves.  From understanding local versus international media markets to specialty sectors, the tenets of crisis management, customer service and how to manage the narrative, PR for Careers is a behind-the-scenes look at one PR executive’s real-life case studies to better understand just what a PR professional does and for whom and why it matters in a world increasingly lived online.  Highly customizable, this talk resonates at career fairs as much as Chamber of Commerce conferences with its balance of anecdotes and applied takeaways. 

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How to raise confident, resilient, and successful children using public relations strategies.


Marjie is available for interactive workshops on any of the above topics. Mixing discussion, exercises and informal lecture, workshops allow participants to directly engage with the material so to best integrate it into one’s life or organization’s culture.

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Whether you are facing a challenge, or have it together but want some fresh ideas, Marjie Hadad has a limited number of spots available to laser coach, one-on-one with you, ala PR Parenting.
Note: Marjie Hadad is neither a psychologist or nor parenting expert. She’s a pr expert who used her professional expertise to raise her children. It worked for her. She hopes it works for you.
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