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Good vs Evil – What’s happening in Israel

October 9, 2023

You may have noticed that I generally blog once a month, with the goal of inspiring you, providing a helpful PR Parenting tip, and/or updating on the latest with The Power of PR Parenting or the PR Parenting Movement.

Today, a special blog — to update you on the war in Israel, from Israel, as an Israeli civilian and a military mom. I thought this might be of interest if you have been following the news.

My entire life I’ve opted to stay out of politics, preferring diplomacy, and for the last 23 years, I’ve worked in international medical public relations, which I love because it helps all people and cuts across political lines.
Now let’s fast forward to this past Saturday, October 7th, the Jewish Sabbath and Simchat Torah, the last day of the Jewish holidays this year.

I woke up to a Hamas rocket attack from Gaza at 8:30 a.m., which continued throughout the day and night throughout Israel. Three days later, the rocket attacks continue, thousands already fired.

What going on? Well, as you may know from the news, the terrorist group Hamas stormed Israel by air, ground and sea, broke down the border fence between Israel and Gaza in the South and began an indiscriminate, point blank killing and kidnapping spree of soldiers and civilians, ranging from 6 months to 75+ years of age – in their homes, on the street, at an army base and at a nature music festival attended by thousands.

The Hamas is raping, torturing, and executing those in its path as well as mutilating and parading the naked bodies of the dead.  

This terrorist group has zero respect for the sanctity of life, is committing extremely disturbing, unconscionable war crimes and celebrating every brazen act of violence.

I could share story after story of one frightening tragedy after the next from the last 3 days, but I think you get the point.

I am heartbroken for the 1400+ Israelis killed and their families as well as the 2600+ injured. I am terrified for the 241+ hostages, all being mistreated in the most inhumane, horrific and sickening ways. And I feel terrible for the Palestinian civilians being used as human shields in Gaza. In short: the situation is terrible, stressful and unthinkable.

I’ve lived in Israel for nearly 30 years. This is the first time I’ve seen such pure evil and on such a widespread scale. Hamas absolutely MUST be eradicated, once and for all. No more going in circles with limited confrontations with a group whose mandate is to destroy Israel.

Excuse me for a moment. Another rocket attack. Got to run to the bomb shelter. Pause……

Back to you now. I wanted you to know from someone living in Israel what’s going on and to open the door to any non-political questions I may be able to answer. 

I’m NOT, repeat NOT getting into the politics of it. This is not a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is about respect for life, common decency, and humanity.

Remember, I’m all about diplomacy and respecting the differences of others, assuming peaceful.  What Hamas is doing is anything but peaceful – in fact they have taken evil to a whole new level. Considering the gravity of the situation, I felt it necessary to speak up and share this week’s experiences with you.

I leave you for now with a direct and heartfelt request: In your daily interactions, please exercise the philosophy in Chapter 10 of my book, “Being Part of the Solution”.  Also, if so inclined, please support the fight against terrorist organizations like Hamas. It can be as simple as a social media post, a share or a like.

If you’d like additional ideas of how you can help, please message me on the contact page of this website  noting your interest and I’ll send you more information.