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Myth: Don’t bring the job home.

June 4, 2023

Around two years ago, while sitting on my couch chatting with my older daughter, Noa Lee, she told me about an army friend who had just gotten married and was concerned she wouldn’t be able to juggle parenthood with her professional pursuits. I think this young woman wanted to be a scientist of some sort.

She looked at her friend and said: “What are you talking about? My mother has been doing this for 25 years. Of course you can.”

She looked at me and said, “Mom, you made mistakes, but overall I think you got it right. You should write a book to help the next generation of working moms have an easier time juggling based on your experience.”

When I looked back, I understood that a big part of “it” was not separating work from home. I did my best to leave the drama at the office, but I didn’t stop my public relations brain from working and brought the best of the job home with me to benefit my family.

I did it unknowingly. So, imagine the positive results if you were to do the same KNOWINGLY!

I launched The Power of PR Parenting and the associated PR Parenting Movement literally two months ago today (April 4, 2023) for parents who want to concurrently excel at work and create more harmony at home. Help us by replying to this email and sharing how the “at work you” can assist the “at home you” and perhaps I’ll feature your response in our future marketing.

I had this very discussion on The Be Better Broadcast hosted by Brandon Eastman, who recently became a new father (Congrats Brandon!) and was taking notes during our interview.  In fact, The Power of PR Parenting could be a practical and entertaining gift choice this year for Father’s Day! Here’s a short clip from my discussion with Brandon.

One final note: if you already have your copy of The Power of PR Parenting, a reminder that at the end of each chapter, there is a QR code that gives you access to the free The Power of PR Parenting Workbook – my gift to you.  Let me know if you are able to download it or if you are having trouble. Happy to help.

Peace, love, and light,