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The Power Of PR Parenting: How to raise Confident, resilient, and successful children using public relations strategies
by Marjie Hadad.

"Hadad’s The Power of PR Parenting is for the working mom and dad who want a little less chaos and a little more impact in their everyday life at home. Her lovely chit-chat-before-bed style invites parents to enjoy a personal conversation with the author who applies well-worn business techniques to create a smoother, happier life. None of us gets a parenting manual, but this book offers a fresh perspective that gives well-lived insights that will help us all write fabulous stories as we raise competent and successful kids. A welcome addition to your nightstand."
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D. (Seen In Video Above)
Author: Becoming Brilliant (APA Books, NYT Best Seller), & Making Schools Work (Teachers College Press). Professor of Psychology, Temple University & Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution.
Fleur Hassan-Nahoum (Seen In Video Above)
Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in charge of foreign relations, international economic development, and tourism.

Co-founder and founding member of the UAE - Israel Business Council.
‘A well-written, accessible book on parenting the PR way! Highly recommended to struggling parents.’ The Wishing Shelf Parenting can be so very difficult. I have two young girls, twins, aged 6, so I’m always on the lookout for a self-help book that might, just might, help me to get through the day. Well, I read this book on a Saturday morning – and when I say morning, it was 4am – the joys of parenting! And, I must say, I thought it was very enlightening. I must admit, when I saw PR in the title, I was a bit hesitant. But the author isn’t over the top and full of the (usual) PR bull****. Indeed, it’s very practical, emphasising how many of the skills important in the workplace e.g. problem solving, can help parents to be better parents. I think it’s also important to comment on the writing style which is a BIG strength of the book. I wouldn’t say it’s hysterical, but there is humour there, and the author keeps it personal which, for me, is very engaging. This accessible way of writing along with the emphasis on PR skills – staying calm when everybody is going crazy, pre-empting problems, etc – made for a very complete read and, after finishing it, I felt very ‘helped’; a good feeling indeed. So, if you are a struggling parent who simply wants to do the best by a child, check out this book. It might not be for everybody, but it is easy to read, helpful, and even enjoyable which, for a book on parenting, is a small miracle.
“Through the pages of Marjie’s work, the messages of how to parent using the techniques learned in her years of being a public relations expert are clearly presented. From creating written contracts with your children to having candid conversations with them about their safety, Marjie provides working examples and lessons to follow so that a parent’s message is understandable and concise. Marjie writes from her own experiences and professional expertise with the intention to help parents bridge and foster life’s lessons into effective communication. As a mother of six through a blended family, I feel an especially wonderful part of the writing is the emphasis and reminder for parents to be role models for their children through their own reactions to life’s ups and downs.”
Donna Kendrick
Author “A Guide to Widowhood: Navigating the First Three Years”
"Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or friend of the family, there is something in here for everyone. Marjie Hadad’s The Power of PR Parenting offers relatable and refreshing golden nuggets on how to care for your family, tribe and community. Witty and lighthearted, it burns through tough topics with wisdom and insight."
Jaymie Velasquez
Aunt, Godmother, Author/Engineer
"Entertaining from start to finish, Hadad's book offers a unique look at the intersection of public relations and parenting. A great read for anyone who has a child or knows a child!"
Alexandra Kuisis
#1 bestselling author of the award-winning book, "Truth Matters, Love Wins: A Memoir"
“Marjie shares a goldmine of parental wisdom mined from her incredibly successful career in International Public Relations. She empowers parents to draw on the skills and wisdom from their own careers and talents and walks them through how to simplify and customize what works for their own unique family. Her quick wit combined with her mama bear love guides parents to find the humor and to share love in even the most challenging situations.”
Wendee Villanueva
entrepreneur & proud homeschooling mother of two
“As a mother and entrepreneur, I am always looking for new ways to help me ideally support my child. Just when we need it most, Marjie Hadad's captivating The Power of PR Parenting offers a unique, fascinating world of parenting strategies, practices and tools to help our children navigate this unimaginable world with more confidence, grace and grit.”
Sara Connell
#1 Best-Selling Author & Coach
"If you are a parent and have ever asked if you are doing this right, you are one step closer to getting this parenting right. I am a mother of two teens and as much as I would have loved this book a decade earlier, it’s never too late to work on the skills of being a great parent. I believe it’s a lifelong skill and has its benefits for every stage of your child’s life. Marjie Hadad is a PR Pro and uses both her personal and professional journey along with the success and challenges on how to parent and learning from mistakes. I love how the book helps working mothers with finding that coveted time for family, learning to manage work life balance, and instilling that confidence and resilience in our children. I find myself reaching for this book re-reading passages, and really enjoying how Hadid’s story telling style captures my attention, and finding myself agreeing and harnessing these techniques I need to master as a parent. Overall, I found myself enjoying this book and recommending to my friends and colleagues."
“I found the book to be a very entertaining read as well as informative. This book has a wide range of parenting tips from how to get rid of a pacifier to ideas for when your teen skips school.”
Book Blogger
"Marjie inspires women to blend their professional and personal worlds to better balance successful careers with being amazing mothers. Through her gift of storytelling, Marjie shares her unique perspective of using her professional public relations expertise to help her raise her now grown and accomplished children. As a military spouse and mom, Marjie's insight helped me to celebrate all the balls I was juggling while raising my own family. After reading The Power of PR Parenting, you will have more ideas how to tackle the expected and the unexpected and to do so with grace and humor.”
Shari Biery
National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach at Alive With Purpose Health & Life Coaching, LLC
"I’ve been reading quite a bit the last few days as I’ve taken some time to relax and reflect.

One of the books I read, was The Power of PR parenting by @marjiehadad . To start off, I’m very impressed with how the Author took her Public Relations career and weaved learnings from that into her personal life, especially in bringing up her kids. She very humbly says that she probably did not intend to interleave the skills, and they just happened. But I am so grateful that she took the time to reflect and write this book so that future parents can benefit from her learnings.

The book is written in a concise manner & divided into clear and easily digestible chapters. I love how every chapter feels new, and there is a summary of the take aways at the end. She also has helpful resources made available by QR codes. She talks about a lot of personal experiences, and how certain skills helped her get through it. I love that she also acknowledged that she is not perfect and her kids aren’t perfect, but they turned out pretty well. I found this book very insightful and a different take on how your professional career can impact your personal life positively.

"Our children are reflections of the tools we give them with their own light shaping the image we see. Use this book as your toolbox and guide your children to success."
Book Blogger
It’s a fact of life that parenting is one of the most difficult things that a parent will do and experience; yet despite this outlook, it is equally one of the most rewarding experiences. Parenting can be a “hot” or touchy topic in certain circles, with everyone having their own beliefs based on past or current circumstances. In “The Power of PR Parenting,” Marjie Hadad, an author, international public relations expert, mother, wife, and holder of numerous other titles, presents PR (public relations) skills practiced, performed, and perfected in various settings – on the job with clients and in a professional environment and at home among family and friends in a more relaxed environment. Hadad compares public relations skills with parenting – two jobs that contain highly stressful situations and experiences. Each chapter details and explains real-world life skills that have proven to ensure a successful future for both the parent and child(ren) and a QR code at the conclusion to assist the parent, caregiver, reader, etc. with further ideas and practice with the skills based on the specific topics of each chapter. These skills include, but are not limited to, higher-level thinking and actions (i.e. executive thinking, keeping cool under pressure, including confrontation). Hadad’s suggestions are mostly facts in the form of research statistics and recounts of real-life experiences, containing minimal opinions, except when it serves the purpose of reinforcing the step-by-step instructions/explanations. The reader will notice the consistency throughout the book related to what the author suggests and talks about is evident in her writing (i.e., chapter 3 discusses the topic of public speaking and presentation, referring to beneficial styles of writing to engage your audience; she follows her advice throughout the style/writing of this book). Not having been familiar with PR skills and principles, the way in which they are explained presents purely beneficial to raising a child, with the lessons not strictly for infants/toddlers, as one might assume in a parenting book, but for all ages. PR skills might surprise the reader, as they aren’t complicated or confusing, but are all based on positive communication and actions toward others, much like people should be treating others around them, anyway. The way in which Hadad writes is that of a “normal” mom, despite being a global worker and craftsman; she teaches parenting tricks but equally self-help tricks for the reader, parent, caregiver, etc. (i.e., lead by example, “I” statements, be in the moment). It is clear through her writing of advice and experiences that she has the desire to share her wealth to assist the reader in making parenting and the relationship better/easier to benefit both the child(ren) and parent(s), spreading out further to impact society currently and in future generations. If it wasn’t evident throughout this reviewer’s thoughts and interpretation of this book, it is highly recommended and one that every parent should read at least once, even if for the purpose of a refresher or pick-me-up.
Rachel Dehning
“The book "The Power of PR Parenting" by Marjie Hadad is read with bated breath, as it leads us through a fascinating personal and family story to a deep understanding of how principles from the field of public relations can be highly relevant when applied to our family life. Thus, this book is unique in its ability to convey in a clear and simple manner how these principles can be wonderfully applied in the work of raising children. This book is a dialogue between the reader and the author, which I read with pure pleasure. In an exciting, empathetic, and close-to-our-everyday-parenting-experiences way, the author equips parents with the tools to properly manage family crises, even life-threatening ones, to build self-confidence in our children, to prepare our children for the future and to help them develop positive introspection and a world view that is empathetic and compassionate. It also equips parents with tools that will allow them to help their children exercise good judgment in risky situations where they themselves are not present. I strongly recommend reading the book. I have no doubt that it will give leverage and support to many parents.”
Educational Psychologist & Psychotherapist
“Riveting. Very suspenseful at times and leaves the reader wanting to skip ahead or read faster to see what happens. It is also thought provoking. Marjie is really on to something here very important for working moms. They can absolutely use Marjie’s PR expertise to help teach and model for their children, young and grown, skills and strategies that are useful for thriving in life.”
Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Mastering Resilience Creator and Trainer
“As a National Publicist and TV Talk Show Producer, I couldn't put down "The Power of PR Parenting". It grabbed me right away, which is not easy to do. I loved Marjie's PR gems and the stories that she shares that we all go through as publicists. Her positive outlook even in a bad situation is quite admirable. I'm also the parent of two kids. What a smart idea and how clever to apply these skills to everyday parenting. Brilliant! All folks in the industry will learn something, feel validated and for sure chuckle. Brava!”
Cindy Garnick
Garnick Entertainment Media Group & Publicist/ Producer
“Loved every page. So powerful. Moms will be with their highlighters taking notes.”
Justine Zverling
Proud mother of two and Shore Capital (Capital Markets), Head of Middle East