THE Power Of PR Speaker

The Sounds Of Silence, Special Edition

October 16, 2023

The rocket that fell in my neighborhood

I wrote The Power of PR Parenting based on 40+ years of retrospect and offered examples and practical advice to help make your journey a little smoother. Even when we are doing well, we can all use a little help and a few extra tools, right?
Considering the events of the last week, I wanted to call your attention to the first chapter of the book which deals with crisis management and the last chapter, which addresses prejudice – Being Part of the Solution. I believe the strategies in these chapters are applicable to what’s going on now and could be especially useful for both you and your kids in the coming weeks and months.
As you may recall from my special newsletter last week, Good Vs Evil – What’s happening in Israel, on Saturday, October 7th, Hamas, a terrorist organization backed by Iran and much like ISIS, only worse, executed an extremely brutal, violent and deadly, surprise attack against Israel.
So far Hamas has fired 6000+ rockets to Israel, including to my area. The image above shows what fell in our neighborhood – and this was the least of it in this country.  It also massacred more than 1400+ Israeli soldiers and civilians including men, women, teens, children, babies and seniors, injured 5400+, and raped, tortured and kidnapped to Gaza more than 241 hostages, of all ages.
It was the largest attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust and less than a week later, Hamas also called for an International Day of Rage on Friday, October 13th to kill Jews around the globe. Nothing to do with politics, just evil. Pure evil.
Hamas’s charter states its intention to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Hamas uses its civilians as protective shields and has spent all of the money it has received over the years, not to improve life in the Gaza Strip for its citizens, but to build and reinforce its military apparatus to conquer and destroy Israel and impose Sharia law. And make no mistake, Israel and the Jews are just the first on its list. If you are not one of them, you are on the list too.
This past week, I found myself doing my best to take the advice from Chapter 1 as rockets were fired in the direction of my neighborhood and my Jewish family and friends were threatened by antisemitism and violence in cities worldwide. I also hoped for the universal adoption of the lessons from Chapter 10 – crucial for a more peaceful, safer and respectful future for all.
Now paraphrasing from The Power of PR Parenting, we must remember that our kids have a front row seat to our daily activity. They hear us speak, watch what we do, take their cues from us, and in the future, will likely emulate our behavior and pass it on to the next generation. This is why the example we set is so important.
So, I ask you, what example are you setting following the massacre last Saturday, the rockets flying and the antisemitism filling the streets throughout the world?
Are you vocal against this evil or are you silent?
I am extremely grateful to those who have reached out, with prayers and asking how they can help.
If you have remained silent, I implore you to stand up in whatever way you can and teach your children to do so as well in a safe and peaceful way.
You can share content on social media, participate in peaceful vigils in your community and/or donate to a worthy organization.
As for the kids, borrow from the Kiddo Copywriting section of Chapter 2 of The Power of PR Parenting. Invite your child to write a letter of support for a soldier in the IDF, or a civilian living in Israel or Gaza. It’s a great opportunity for your child to practice their writing skills and do something positive and meaningful concurrently. 

I’ll also go the extra mile with you on this too. If you are so inclined, email me these letters, and I’ll forward to the appropriate people able to deliver them.
My sincerest wish for you and your family is that you NEVER have to experience what we are experiencing in Israel now.
PR Parenting is about creating a kinder, peaceful and more respectful world for us, our children and future generations.
Now is the time to stand up if you share this goal. It begins here.

Peace, love and light,