3 Tips to Make Party Planning Confidence-Building, Family Fun!

November 2, 2023

The holidays are coming up fast!

Already overwhelmed just thinking about it, given your already full schedule – advancing your career, raising your kids, running your household, dealing with local and world developments, etc., etc., etc.?

Now to squeeze in the many parties, events and ceremonies, AND, if you are hosting or helping to organize, make time for all the planning that goes with it! Stressful? Doesn’t have to be.

PR Parenting can help make any type of event planning — be it a big or small event, happy or sad — easy breezy, for YOU and for YOUR FAMILY – with these three simple steps.


My skill set as a PR Pro for the last 30 years included event planning and my motto: Your production is only as good as your pre-production. That said, don’t feel overwhelmed, pre-production can go very smoothly. We just need to ask the right questions and focus.

We start with my Top Ten PR Pro Tips for Planning the Perfect Party guide that you can download for free. It’s my gift to you. Download now by clicking here.

This is the exact check list I have used to plan big and small events from media breakfasts and press conferences for statesmen and diplomats, to galas for hundreds of guests, to birthday parties for my kids to intimate dinner parties.


We’ve all been told to leave work at the office and NOT to bring it home!
I say, don’t spend the time and energy trying to separate. Leave the drama at the office, sure, but bring your professional superpowers home to benefit your family.

Teach your children your special skills, and for our purposes today, choose those that can help make the holidays extra special or your current-event initiative or ceremony even more meaningful – like your organization skills, telephone skills, writing skills, design flair, artistic talents, culinary talents, music talents, etc.

It doesn’t matter if the kids have the same talents. What’s key is exposure, the experience of trying, and to have fun. All three will benefit the kids, not only in the short term, but for their whole lives.


Next, just like at work you are part of a team, maybe even leading it, create the same system at home with your kids as your party planning/event team. Assign them select tasks on your Top Ten PR Pro Tips For Planning the Perfect Party guide and oversee them without micromanaging.

If they need help, point out what they are doing right and if something needs correcting, demonstrate how they should be doing it in a positive way, without dwelling on any mistakes. It might take a while for them to get it right. That’s ok. Remember, anything is easy if you already know how to do it. The goal here is for your kids to enjoy and learn from the process as well as help them (your team) to build confidence, resilience and some level of success along the way.

Once they’ve got it, acknowledge their progress and watch them “own it”.
Your pre-production will shine the more for it — with your family working together in harmony, getting the job done and creating wonderful memories along the way.

Curtain Up

On the day of the party, with your brilliant pre-production complete, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and watch the festivities beautifully roll by, with happy thoughts about how fun this year’s holiday parties were to produce. And, on the day of a serious event or ceremony, you can feel confident that everything is in place as required.

The bonus… in years to come, you’ll be able to pass the torch to your children, your home team, with pride, knowing that they can now run the show and teach their children to do the same and so on, for generations – a long-term goal of PR Parenting, along with a peaceful future, where we show respect for different cultures and religions.

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Peace, love, and light,