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What to do when kids or adults lie?

November 21, 2023

Have you ever caught your kids lying?

Maybe they broke something, skipped school, played a hurtful prank, or were aggressive with their sibling or classmate and didn’t want to tell you or admit it. And when they were officially snagged, perhaps they compounded the original lie or made a big drama to deflect.

Why would they do this? Maybe they feared the consequences or perhaps they strongly wanted to rewrite history to their advantage? Any of this resonating with you?

When we get wind of such trouble, as parents, what productively and rationally are we supposed to do?

The PR Parenting approach: just like in any professional organization, investigate, collect proof to support or not support the claims and determine the facts before drawing a conclusion. Thereafter, consider next steps in terms of consequences and future deterrents. In The Power of PR Parenting, in Chapter 2, contracts are suggested as a means of future deterrence of repeated offenses.

The Power Of PR Parenting Book

Now, lying isn’t limited to the kids. Adults lie too and for many of the same reasons as described above. However, when adults lie, it is possible that shock waves will be felt worldwide.

Following Hamas’s Saturday, October 7, 2023 surprise attack on Israel, where it fired thousands of rockets (including to my neighborhood), burst through the border fence and slaughtered, burned, raped and/or kidnapped everyone and everything in its path, this terrorist organization accused Israel of bombing the main hospital in Gaza and killing hundreds of people.

Was this accusation true? No. Did Hamas take the time to investigate, collect proof to support this accusation and determine the facts before drawing and sharing their conclusion with the international community, including the world media? Yes. They did. But then they lied and blamed Israel. The media believed them and reported as such. The world believed them and arranged massive anti-Israel demonstrations in major cities across the globe.

Based on the evidence of a recording between two Hamas members and multiple videos, it is now understood that the explosion was caused by a failed rocket fired from Gaza and that it was more like, around 20 people that were killed. Here is the recording with even more detail. Listen for yourself by clicking the image below.

Why the lie? Hamas wanted to rewrite history to their advantage by rallying the international community against Israel, inspiring anti-Israel demonstrations internationally, forcing the King of Jordan and President Abbas to cancel their meetings with President Biden while he was in the region and sway international public opinion in their favor in one BIG public relations move.

Hamas has successfully swayed public opinion in its favor since 2007, when they first took over Gaza and began governing the Strip. Why wouldn’t the same work now?

Well, initially the lie stuck and successfully began deflecting from how this whole nightmare got started: the bloody, October 7th massacre, the worst attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

I live in Israel and have kids serving in the IDF. I can confirm that Israel is fighting the current war to rid the world of Hamas, a terrorist organization not only determined to destroy Israel but to also murder all the Jews (see the Hamas Charter), and frankly anyone who is not like them, including you. I can also confirm that the IDF has protocols in place to protect civilian lives.

As of today (the figures continue to rise as more information is uncovered), 240+ hostages remain in Gaza, more than 1000 Israelis are displaced, 1200+ were brutally murdered, some burned beyond recognition and post-mortem identification, and Hamas continues to suppress, kill and use the civilians in Gaza as human shields, with their weaponry and tunnels positioned in and under residential neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. Hamas is also hoarding fuel and other supplies that could benefit the civilians living “above ground”. This is the truth and yes there’s proof, LOTS of proof.

The goal of PR Parenting is to create a kinder, more respectful and safer world. This starts with finding the truth in any situation and then taking action to improve the existing situation, as strategically and peacefully as possible.

As you are watching the news unfold and hearing conflicting statements, I respectfully ask you to try not to fall for misinformation and disinformation, wait for the facts and the proof before forming a conclusion and encourage your children to do the same. Securing a peaceful future for all of us depends on it.